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a year ago

Hey pretty lady!
I wanted to take just a minute to share something that it sadly took me the majority of my life to realize.
I believe that the person we become, falls back to our childhood and how we were raised as well as the experiences , good and bad, that led us to adulthood. We all have demons, skeletons and scars. I think if you really love someone you have to love those too. You don't have to like it, but if you love that person, you have to accept the scars . After all, nobody is perfect and we all have them.
I love your blog! ♥️

a year ago

I feel overthinking can be frustrating and tiring, you mess with yourself both physically and mentally, You try to think your way out of things only leads to bad happenings… Maybe you should just let things go as it is going.. overthinking destroys things that takes years or months to build.. Just make sure you distract yourself as soon as you find yourself overthinking.