Hello, I'm Rebekah

Hey! I'm Rebekah.

However it is that you came upon my blog, I'm glad you're here. I started writing this blog as a means for healing from some of my life's biggest challenges. Some of these challenges were the interaction, personalities and behaviors of other people. It's amazing how other people can make or break you. I believe everyone that comes into your life is there for a season and a reason. Good or bad, these people teach us something valuable. In this blog, I'm going to share the things that I have learned. The human condition is very complex, yet interesting. I have learned many things the hard way (because I'm stubborn), but nonetheless, I learned them. It's taught me a lot about myself and the person I want to be. It's also taught me what to steer clear from. Life is a journey full of good and bad experiences, and the best I can say is use every. single. experience as a learning tool. I read a quote not too long ago that read, "True character is revealed when pressure is applied." I had to mediate on that a bit... but ya know, it truly makes sense. Sometimes in relationships, the problem isn't always the other person/people, but ourselves.That's why its so incredibly important to take a step back and look inwardly, not just outwardly. We are all capable of being toxic, BUT, we are also all capable of healing. For me, I chose healing because I want to live life not just survive it! Life is hard enough on it's own, and when you factor in other people, it makes it all that much harder. So take a deep breath, keep an open mind, and enjoy!

All my best,



My life and my love, that is my Grandma

Me and my Grandma. This is who I aspire to be, and loved more than life itself. My Grandma showed me what unconditional love was and is. You also cemented my salvation in the Lord, and the value I was to Him.  Because of my beautiful Grandma, I am who I am today. I will always love and miss you Grandma. Your light and love still shine bright in my heart every single day. Until I see you again...

My everything, my cousin Chris

Chris wasn't just my cousin, he was my big brother, my best friend, my confidant, my hero, and my protector. He was my everything! So many memories, so little time. Chris was so misunderstood by so many people, and to handle his sense of humor, well let's just say, you needed a back bone (laughing)! Chris always came across as hard, but he was actually one of the most soft hearted people I knew. He served our country in the U.S. Navy and was so proud to be a veteran, like our grandpa and his brother Joey (another cousin I miss with all my heart). Legends in their own time! I had a special bond with my beloved cousin, one I can never replace, nor would I want too. I will forever love and miss my cousin Chris, Joey and our Grandpa.

My Unconditional Love, My Aunt Carole & Uncle Karl

I could never have been who I am today without the love and guidance of these two amazing people in my life! My Aunt has raised me up to be the strong, independent woman I am today. She has always, and I mean ALWAYS had my back and loved me through some of my darkest moments of my life. She taught me to be brave and always stand for what I believe and never apologize for being who God created me to be. She taught be courage, strength and unconditional love. I can always know, I can count on my Aunt no matter what. 

As for my Uncle Karl, Wow, what an amazing man he is! He took me in, no questions asked, and made me his own. He is always there to listen and advise me, support and love me...unconditionally! Did I mention teasing me... yeah that too! Uncle Karl shows his love through other non traditional ways too...like teasing, great food, and when he is teaching you something. He just has a special way about him that is such a blessing to me. I will always, ALWAYS be his little Bucky! I will always love and cherish these two for as long as I live.